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Dr. Karan Saraf

MD, DM (Nephrology & Kidney transplant)

Dr. Karan Saraf - Oracle Diagnostics | The Kidney Centre Guwahati

Dr. Karan Saraf

MD, DM (Nephrology & Kidney transplant)

A gold medalist during his medical studies, Dr. Karan Saraf has carried this streak into the profession. Having founded the department of Nephrology at Excelcare Hospitals, he has led his team to establish a center of excellence providing all Nephrology services.

Dr. Karan Saraf has started interventional nephrology in Assam, adsorbent therapies for critically ill patients, kidney transplants with excellent outcomes. He has the passion to bring Assam onto the national map bringing the latest technological advances to the region and make it affordable for the people.

Fellowship & Membership –
Indian Society of Nephrology (ISN)
Indian Society of Organ Transplant (ISOT)
Indian Society of Pediatric Nephrology
International Society of Nephrology
Association of Physicians of India (API)
Guwahati Nephrology Forum (GNF)

Languages he speak – English, Hindi, Assamese, Kannada

I work in tandem with my team of junior residents, clinical associate and the urologist to plan different treatment option depending on stage of disease. This passionate approach makes sure every patient receives the most advanced and correct care available. The range of outpatient and in-patient services include Hemodialysis, Paritoneal dialysis (CAPD), SLED, CRRT, SCUF. HDF, Plasmapheresis, Native and transplant kidney biopsy, Temporary and permanent hemodialysis catheter insertion, AVF angioplasty and Kidney Transplants.

Nephrology & Kidney transplant
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Multidisciplinary medical diagnostic reports & consultation with the best doctors in Northeast.

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Dr Karan Saraf is the best nephrologist anyone can ever come across. He can heal the patient not just through medicines, but also through his behavioral treatment because of his polite and soft speaking skills. All this I can say from my personal experience, I would surely recommend him to anyone looking for any kidney related problems.
Rajiv Dugar
I genuinely thank Dr. Karan Saraf Sir for his sacrosanct service. He saved my brother's life by exercising his kidney transplant operation. He is truly a man of honour and words. I would like to recommend Dr Karan Saraf to all of those who have any kidney-related issues.
Bikash Haloi